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Are you longing to be more present, awake and alive, to change the relationships you have with your mind, your body, with others and with life itself so you can enjoy life more fully? 


In a world packed with yoga teachers, life coaches and spiritual "guides," it's sometimes hard to know who to turn to, how to choose one from the next. I'm here to say: Jill Edwards Minyé is the real deal. Her yoga classes and workshops on how to live an engaged, authentic, balanced life transformed my life and set me on a beautiful path towards integral living. More than anything I have done, they helped me unearth and discover, then express, my authentic self and taught me how to use my gifts to help serve others. I cannot recommend her highly enough. If you have the opportunity to learn from Jill, do it. Now!  




Leza Lowitz,

Yoga Teacher

                                  Author of,

 Yoga Poems: Lines to Unfold By, and

Jet Black and the Ninja Wind

  Owner, Sun and Moon Yoga Studio, Tokyo, Japan


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