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When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the universe. 


~ John Muir



There is something magical about Jill Edwards Minyé—the way she moves through the world, the way she connects with every person she comes into contact with. Although I had done yoga for years before I took my first class with her, I consider her to be my first true teacher. Her attention to detail coupled with her intuitive ability to tease out my strengths and assuage my fears made me feel safe and cared for. The way she lovingly encourages all her students and stays present to whatever is happening makes it clear that she is a great teacher and a true bodhisatva. I'm honored to call her my teacher and my friend.    


Linda Sparrowe

Yoga teacher

Former editor Yoga International,

Author, The Women's Book of Yoga and Health


Back in the 90's (before yoga became a "craze") I had the good fortune to discover and take classes from Jill Minyé.  There's a reason why many yogis and yoginis in Sonoma County point to Jill as having been the foundation on which to build their own teaching careers in yoga - it doesn't get any better than Jill!  Jill has the gift of knowing how to teach, and is a very caring and creative person.  I love the pace and flow of her classes.   Practice with Jill, and you will love your body!


Victoria Street

Glass and Tapestry Artist



In a world packed with yoga teachers, life coaches and spiritual "guides," it's sometimes hard to know who to turn to, how to choose one from the next. I'm here to say: Jill Edwards Minyé is the real deal. Her yoga classes and workshops on how to live an engaged, authentic, balanced life transformed my life and set me on a beautiful path towards integral living. More than anything I have done, they helped me unearth and discover, then express, my authentic self and taught me how to use my gifts to help serve others. I cannot recommend her highly enough. If you have the opportunity to learn from Jill, do it. Now!                                                                                

                                                                               Leza Lowitz

 Yoga Teacher, Writer

                                  Author of, Yoga Poems: Lines to Unfold By

 Jet Black and the Ninja Wind

Up From the Sea

Owner, Sun and Moon Yoga Studio, Tokyo, Japan


Jill's teaching style brings passion and enthusiasm for NVC, [nonviolent communication], by combining her master level Yoga training and her creative narrative skills into a dynamic teaching force. She has a charasmatic personality that connects with folks. She is outgoing, engaging, and her friendly temperament puts people at ease. Jill is dedicated to the teaching of NVC and presents the material with clarity. She is a charming storyteller and uses her skills of role playing as a way to show members how NVC can enhance their communication skills  and in turn affect their lives in encouraging ways. Since NVC has become the model of communication at the center, we have experienced members reconnecting with friends and families, an increase in healthy relationships, successful coflict resolutions, and members' willingness to step out into community to live richer and fuller lives. 

                                                                                                                                                                                             Sheridith Maresh

Co-Director,  Russian River Empowerment Center,

      "a drop-in mental health and wellness center 

for those who want to transcend serious

and persistent mental illness by learning

and implementing new skills and behaviors".

Jill uses her deep listening skills and intuition to help her clients get to the heart of the matter with clarity, compassion and insight.  Knowing Jill as a friend and colleague for over 20 years I have witnessed as well as experienced her ability to support her clients from break-down to break-through.  She is someone who dives deep both in her work with herself and in her work with others. If you are wanting skillful support in moving through challenges in your own life, want to work through conflict both inner or outer with greater ease, want to improve your relationship and communication skills or want help in developing strategies for  living your life with a greater sense of grace and well being, I highly trust and recommend Jill and her work.  She is passionate, insightful, caring and grounded.  


                                                                                         Jean Marie Hays,

Holistic lifestyle practioner

Yoga teacher

Jill's classes are not only tremendously enlivening for the body, they are poetry in motion. As she invites us to reflect upon the emotional, spiritual and symbolic aspects of everything we practice during her Yoga classes and workshops, I am convinced that she channels some creative wisdom of the universe that gives her the language to lead us to deeper and higher places. Jill’s Yoga classes have been the focus of my life and supported my health, relationships, and creativity with great vitality and spirituality. I, who had never experienced myself as particularly feminine or graceful, experience myself as divine, as a goddess…now I am a yoga teacher and a yoga therapist; and if a teacher’s words inform my spirit when I teach, that voice belongs to Jill. 


Ellen Cheek

 Yoga teacher & Yoga therapist

 Artist and jeweler

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