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"In a world packed with yoga teachers, life coaches and spiritual "guides," it's sometimes hard to know who to turn to, how to choose one from the next. I'm here to say: Jill Edwards Minyé is the real deal. Her yoga classes and workshops on how to live an engaged, authentic, balanced life transformed my life and set me on a beautiful path towards integral living. More than anything I have done, they helped me unearth and discover, then express, my authentic self and taught me how to use my gifts to help serve others. I cannot recommend her highly enough. If you have the opportunity to learn from Jill, do it. Now! "    


Leza Lowitz, author  of Yoga: Lines to Unfold By, Jet Black and the Ninja Wind, Yoga teacher, Tokyo Japan. 


Jill's transformational journey through Yoga began in 1987 in San Francisco as she ditched her dance classes and other artistic endeavors out of frustration and 

perfectionism and attended her first Yoga classes. Her goal was simply to learn how to relate to herself from the inside out.  


While she fell head over heels in love with Yoga, attending two to three classes a day  with a brilliant Iyengar teacher, after years of  having supressed her emotions, she began "waking up", and was experiencing such emotional pain in that process that 

she  needed  help working skillfully with her thoughts and painful emotions. 


This led her to Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health, where she learned to "ride the wave" of intense emotions, eventually became a certified Kripalu teacher,  and began the exploration of the psycho-spiritual teachings of the practice.  She also began attending meditations at Spirit Rock Meditation Center, studying Buddhist teachings and Vipassana meditation, and began weaving  this meditation practice inside the asana  practice. 


As her private practice grew and she found herself working with many people in recovery from addictions who were suffering from PTSD, sexual abuse and depression, she became a Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapist , a method that incorporates body sensing, breathwork, and body-centered dialogue with supported Yoga postures.


During the 90's, along with maintaining a full private practice, Jill was teacher to the staff of Yoga Journal for five years, where she had the privilege of  introducing them to Kripalu Yoga and the integration of mindfulness into the asana practice.

She taught in a variety of other venues in the Bay Area during these years as well, integrating Yoga, mindfulness, body-oriented dialogue and other techniques from her training in Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy into her classes and workshops.


In 1997, Jill married her partner, John Minyé, and moved north to Sebastopol, California, where she  founded and directed The Open Hand Studio for Yoga and the Arts. 


Wanting to learn more about energy awareness, Jill had the good fortune of discovering a hidden jewel in nearby Santa Rosa in the form of Chen Tai Chi Grandmaster Li Shu Dong. Early on, she experienced a kundalini awakening which created a great upheaval in her body and life. She continued to study with him intensively for three years, taking every single class he offered while she continued to teach Yoga, and run her studio.


Eventually, her world felt llike it was falling apart. While everything seemed fine on the outside as she thoroughly enjoyed her Yoga students,  was running a thriving Yoga studio, and studying with a Tai Chi master, she did not feel empowered in her personal relationships, experienced a lot of despair and dissatisfaction and was baffled as to how to affect change. 

Her desire to change this led her to the study of  Compassionate Communication, also known as Nonviolent Communication (NVC).  She began to experience tremendous shifts in herself and others, and her personal relationships.


In 2010, wanting to deepen her learning and skill and fulfill her long-time desire to become a mediator, Jill entered the NVC-based Mediate Your Life immersion program where she practiced intensively for two years. 


As she's watched her own life continue to transform and been blown away by the incredible rennovations that have taken place in her personal relationships, Jill feels a deep desire to share this work with anyone wanting deeper connections, authenticity, and more fulfillment in their relationships.


On a more personal note, Jill also has a love for the expressive arts. Since the early 90's,  she's studied theater improvisation, including with the brilliant and hilarious Nina Wise, expressive movement, screenwriting and acting. In 2008,  she took Shiva Rea's Yoga Trance Dance Teacher Training, and over the last several years, has studied modern dance and hip hop with Bernadette Alvario, (Studio Gray). A longtime classical pianist, she is currently studying jazz improvisation on the piano.


Known for the emotional safety she creates through her warmth and transparency, as well as her creativity, compassion and playfulness, Jill finds her greatest joy in connecting and sharing with others.


Jill welcomes any questions or concerns you might have, as well as invitations to teach workshops or classes in your area.







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