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The Yoga of Relationship

Yoga, Mindfulness and Compassionate Communication


6 Saturdays

Sept.19, 26, Oct. 3, 10, 17, 24

9:30 AM - 12:30 PM



Please reserve my spot!


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Pre-registration required by Saturday, Sept. 12.


Minimum of 6 people, maximum 12, so please pre-register to help make sure workshop happens and to reserve your spot.  



Sign up by August 31st and get the

early bird special!


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$225.00 to reserve your spot.

 Payment in full is due first day of class.


Refund amount paid minus $30 for processing fees if cancelled before Sept. 12.

 No refunds after Sept. 12.


Ultimately, all of life is about relationship. The word Yoga comes from the sanskrit root, "yuj", meaning "to yoke together" or "to join". How do we join together? How do we connect? What happens that makes us disconnect from our hearts and what can we do to help us come back to our hearts, enabling us to listen with compassion as well as express ourselves with clarity, authenticity and kindness?


In this series, we will be practicing ways of focussing our attention when listening and talking that help us to connect, to untangle the judgements in our minds so we can "see" clearly, enabling us to connect at the heart and act with love and compassion,  towards ourselves and others.

I'd be delighted if you'd join me in this experiential and practical 6 week series where we will



• Learn and practice the cornerstone of compassionate communication, self-empathy.


• Learn how to focus in a way that enables us to listen to others empathically with our full presence. 


• Learn to make the sometimes subtle but potent distinction between observations and judgements.


• Identify  emotional triggers and learn and practice a specific technique to assist us in having more choice and skillfulness in the way we respond.


• Learn a practice to help us digest and learn from painful experiences where we feel out of integrity with our values.


• Learn the value and power of making requests, and in a way that is more likely to get our needs met.


• Practice partner Yoga as a tool for supporting each other, and observing what arises in relationship. 


• Learn to connect with and enjoy our bodies through gentle, nurturing movement and as a way to connect with ourselves from a place beyond the mind.



Jill's teaching style brings passion and enthusiasm for compassionate communication, [nonviolent communication, NVC], by combining her master level Yoga training and her creative narrative skills into a dynamic teaching force. She has a charasmatic personality that connects with folks. She is outgoing, engaging, and her friendly temperament puts people at ease. Jill is dedicated to the teaching of NVC and presents the material with clarity. She is a charming storyteller and uses her skills of role playing as a way to show members how NVC can enhance their communication skills  and in turn affect their lives in encouraging ways. Since NVC has become the model of communication at the center, we have experienced members reconnecting with friends and families, an increase in healthy relationships, successful coflict resolutions, and momebers' willingness to step out into community to live richer and fuller lives. 

                                                                                                                                                                                             Sheridith Maresh

                                                                                                                                    Co-Director,  Russian River Empowerment Center,


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