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Yoga, Mindfulness, and Prana Flow

Conscious Breathing

Opening to Breath, Opening to Life

Details coming soon.

The morning wind spreads its fresh smell.

We must get up and take that in,

that wind that lets us live.

Breathe before it's gone. 



Experience the joy, healing, release, and deep relaxation that occur as result  of  being present to and welcoming all that arises in your experience.



• Learn how to set your intention and carry it through your practice and into your life.


• Practice Yoga poses in a way that supports your intention.


• Learn the powerful practice of conscious breathing,     (pranayama), how to breathe in a way that is healing for your mind and body and how you can incorporate it into your daily life.


• Enjoy and cultivate the empowering and transformational practice of non-judging awareness, the cornerstone of Yoga.


• Experience the greater sense of strength and effectiveness that comes as you increase your ability to relax and focus in the face of  challenge.


• Increase your sensitivity and capacity to respond to the natural, authentic, life-serving impulses arising from within you.

Opening to Grace


6 Saturdays

10 am. to Noon.  


Dates and 

Location TBA 




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