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Our Podcast is Up!

Updated: Aug 17, 2019

I'm thrilled to let you know that Daniel Townsend and I have recorded our first three episodes of Meaningful Musical Conversations. This project is the most fun, enjoyable satisfying adventure I have had yet!

A week after Daniel and I were were sitting on his couch and came up with this idea, we were in my library doing a test run, checking out the technical aspects and getting to know each other. We had a blast - and after listening, decided to keep it as our first podcast.

I'm finding that being a good conversationalist is definitely an art. I am just starting out and have a lot to learn. I'll admit - sometimes it is a tad painful! But... I am committed to learning and growing through this and am grateful to have developed a loving and compassionate attitude towards myself. Thank God for that! It is definitely my next growing edge and I hope you stick it out with us through the first couple episodes where I, in particular, am getting my sea legs under me.

I have to say, Daniel and I have had such a lively, fun and meaningful time with our guests. We are so honored that they agreed to be on our show and share themselves so openly and enthusiastically with us.

If you head over to our website by clicking here, or on any of the photos below, you can dive in and have a listen! We hope you enjoy our meaningful, musical conversations - and have some of your own!

If you download and/or subscribe, it is good for our analytics, so please do. 😊 If you think someone else might enjoy this, we appreciate you sharing! Thanks for spreading the love! ❤️

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